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The Center for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southeast Europe
Japanese newspaper cites JHP's work "on common understanding"
Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun featured CDRSEE's Joint History Project in a series of articles...
ACT highlights "extraordiniary success" of Okruzenje
The Association of Commercial Television in Europe praised the CDRSEE's regional current affairs talk show "Okruzenje" ("Vicinities")...
Uniting Differences team
The Uniting Differences project off to an enthusiastic start.
The Economist: JHP helps teachers gain "a broader perspective"
The international news magazine has recognised the importance of the CDRSEE and our work.

Upcoming events:

AFS Centennial Conference: Two-hour workshop
May 1-3, Trento/Rovereto, Italy, -- CDRSEE's Corinna Noack-Aetopulos will lead a workshop on what teachers can do for the development of pluralist societies, incorporating the JHP. In AFS's Centennial celebratory conference, speakers will look at the value of reconciliation and education for pluralist societies.

Uniting Differences: Assessment Roundtable
May, Međimurje County -- The final event of the Uniting Differences programme, during which teachers, trainers, organizers and local leaders will discuss and assess the projects, its impact and its future.

Who we are

The Center for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southeast Europe is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation that seeks to foster democratic, pluralist, and peaceful societies in Southeast Europe. We advocate principles of social responsibility, sustainable development, and reconciliation among the peoples in the region. We accomplish these goals via seminars, publications, conferences, research projects, exchange programmes, and opinion polls.

CDRSEE launches new Europe-wide TV current affairs show


The CDRSEE is launching a new TV current affairs talk show, "Vicinities Europe", which leverages the impact and experience of the very successful "Okruzenje" ("Vicinities") project but focuses on Europe as a whole.

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History teachers gather in Bujanovac and discuss recent sensitive past


March 27-29, 2015, Bujanovac —Thirty-five history teachers from the Western Balkans and beyond gathered in Bujanovac, Serbia, to compare and discuss how the history past 1945 is taught in their classrooms and to visit historical sites together and share experiences of their own.

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ACT students debate and create CDRSEE visibility plan


March 2015 -- A group of students from the American College of Thessaloniki - ACT- brainstormed and worked together to come up with several unique plans to raise the visibility of the CDRSEE, as part of an ACT extra-curricular activity for students from a variety of majors who are interested in NGOs.

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Japanese newspaper cites JHP's work "on common understanding"


March 13, 2015 -- The major Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun, based in Tokyo with a daily circulation of about 8 million, featured the CDRSEE and its Joint History Project in a recent series on history education around the world...

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History teachers, together in Mostar, discuss conflictive past


March, Mostar -- Twenty-eight high school history teachers from across the Western Balkans came together in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, to discuss the conflictive past, as part of the CDRSEE's project to create multi-perspective teaching materials that cover the history of the region.

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Reconciliation - an educational mission, and a possible one


CDRSEE has contributed an interesting overview on reconciliation as an educational mission to Lifelong Learning in Europe (LLinE), a trans-European journal dedicated to the advancement of adult education, lifelong learning, intercultural collaboration and best practice research.

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